• Gene Tavernetti, Ed.D.

Cuidado? How caution is getting in your way with that new skill

Me llamo Gene

Recently I was listening to a language teacher who said the one thing that prevents people from quickly learning a language is the fear of looking foolish when practicing the new language. People who are not afraid to make mistakes will practice more. The additional practice then accelerates more learning.

The irony is, the fear of other people thinking less of you while learning a new skill is totally unfounded. Nearly universally, people do not negatively judge someone who is sincerely attempting to learn a new skill.

Those who are already proficient will want to help. Those who are also learning the new skill see a comrade in arms. Those who are not currently learning admire those who are stepping up and doing the work.

Those who will make fun of you? Just tell them their allowance may not be coming this week. And, you also may want to ask them if their homework is done.

Me llamo Gene. No estoy avergonzado. Tal vez un poco.

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