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Close Reading Workshop


The ability to read a text closely for multiple purposes is expected in every classroom and grade level according to the new standards. Even with new resources and text, educators are still grappling with how and when to effectively incorporate critical reading routines in their day.


This workshop is great for any teacher, principal or literacy coach looking to raise the bar for students with careful, critical reading.


Educators will leave with the ability to:

  • Identify what close reading is, and what it is not

  • Describe the relationship between the new reading comprehension standards and the increasingly rigorous outcomes of each round of critical reading

  • Recognize the need for Focused Instruction of key foundational literacy skills and concepts using the FAST instructional framework as a precursor to a critical reading

  • Explain a series of simple routines by which a student can interact with a text and targeted, text-dependent questions

Educators will also have the chance to

  • experience, first-hand, a Focused Instruction lesson in combination with a critical reading of a text


Carin Contreras

Carin has worked to support reading comprehension instruction in schools for over 24 years. She has worked as a teacher, school principal and Director of Instruction, Assessment and Intervention.


Janae Tovar

Janae’s interest in rigorous literacy instruction began as a way of closing the achievement gap for English Learners. She has worked as an elementary teacher, an ELD specialist and a district EL Programs Coordinator

New dates coming soon!
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