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Total Education Systems Support

Inflating the tires, not reinventing the wheel ®

Teaching the way students naturally learn!

There just seem to be so many things to take care of and no time to address them all. Maybe you feel like this principal:


“I feel like my staff and I are working hard towards getting all students to succeed. Sometimes, though, with everything happening in a given day, it can be difficult to feel like we’re making any progress. I hear about this strategy or this program that will help us, but too often teachers at my site are left feeling like it is just one more thing. Been there, done that.”

  • Do you worry that your efforts won’t yield the desired results?

  • Do you get frustrated when something feels like “one more thing”?


If so, you’re not alone. All of us have felt this way.

We Know How You Feel.

At TESS Consulting Group, we know what it feels like to be pulled in many directions—to have your carefully crafted plans disrupted by the reality of managing your district, school or classroom, all while you strive for what matters most—effective instruction, knowing your content, accurate assessments and an effective learning environment.


For years, as educators, we too, struggled to focus on what matters most. Too often, we felt that we were distracted by fads, false initiatives, and staff development efforts that sometimes actually contradicted each other.  What we discovered is that results depend on a careful selection of priorities, focus on those priorities and establishing a “this is the way we do things in this district.”  Those discoveries are exemplified in our website, our blogs, and our training programs.


As former district administrators, principals, and teachers, the consultants at TESS Consulting Group have faced the reality that there will always be things that get in the way of what matters most. But we also realized the answer isn’t simply to chase after the latest fad or program. The answer it to stay focused on the right things.


If you’re like us, that means making effective teaching that doesn’t waste your time or your students’ time, that stays true to who you are, that seamlessly fits in to the other things you are working on a top priority.

Watch our video to learn more about TESS.

Questions For Success




  • What are the gaps between your current programs and practices and your vision of 21st Century learning?


  • What are the bottlenecks at your site preventing high levels of student achievement with the new learning targets?


We help you answer these questions and develop action steps toward achieving your district's goals.

Focused Instruction

Focused Instruction

Schools and districts thrive when they are clear about what needs to get done, who needs to do it, and how it should get done. Right now educators are being bombarded with professional development.


"The 29 Essentials for the Teaching"


"19 Steps to a Rigorous Lesson"


TESS believes that too many "essentials" mean nothing gets done. We strive to support your school or district to begin easily and efficiently implementing rigorous effective instruction in today's classrooms.


Quit planning.
Start doing.

Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century


In keeping with our mission of simplifying, we believe the essences of today's education are:

Conceptual Understanding: The ability to know why and when.


Problem Solving: The ability to use the scientific method in various and new circumstances.


Communication Skills: The ability to explain application and concepts to others in both verbal and written forms.


Application: The ability to apply knowledge to various and new circumstances




  • Simplifying the process of teaching and learning allowing educators to focus on foundational skills.


  • Training, coaching, consulting, in a manner that is respectful of all educational professionals' time and expertise.

  • Training teachers in effective instruction

  • Providing coaching to teachers and administrators.

  • Training academic coaches.


Proud to be an Independent EduProtocols

We provide support to teachers and administrators at both the micro and macro levels by using a concurrent dual coaching model.

The dynamic nature of our training means the focus continually shifts from the micro (the individual), to the macro (the organization), and back to the micro based on formative data generated from coaching efforts.

Instructional Coaching Support


Instructional coaches need love too. TESS Consultants know this as well as anyone. This is why TESS offers training and support that is tailored specifically to the role of instructional coaches.  



Does your professional group or organization need a keynote address? TESS offers keynote presentations on a range of topics, supported by a wealth of background knoweldge and experience.

About Us

About TESS

Our Story


TESS is committed to the building of capacity within educational organizations for the purpose of improving the quality of instruction, the resiliency and continuity of support systems, and successful student mastery of the curriculum. 


TESS consultants have worked with schools across the country and can confirm the results of the research: Successful schools are focused on results, practices are aligned with intended outcomes, and leadership is valued and evident.

Randall Olson, Ed.D.
Gene Tavernetti, Ed.D.

Dr. Randall Olson served as a superintendent for twenty-five years. From his experience in the academic arena, he came to recognize that quality and effective teaching could only occur in an environment that makes intentional decisions. 

Successful academic and administrative practices must be embedded within the systems of the school. They then have a better chance of enduring to serve students more effectively through the years. The system must, therefore, be attuned to perpetuate best practices in budget, policy, training, and communication.

Dr. Gene Tavernetti has been involved in education for over thirty years. He has served a coach, teacher, counselor, administrator, and consultant. 

Dr. Tavernetti holds a core belief about children and adults: Given the right environment and proper support everyone can improve and succeed. This core belief has allowed Dr. Tavernetti to help his students, staffs, teachers, and administrators--with whom he now trains and coaches--to attain the levels of competence they desire.

Core Values

Core Values

In 1989 my mentor, and future business partner, Dr. Randall Olson, introduced me to the work of William Glasser. Dr. Glasser was the author of several books including Choice Theory, The Quality School, and The Choice Theory Manager.  These books, more than any of dozens I have read on coaching, leadership, and management have shaped how we work with educators when we have the privilege to partner with schools and districts.


In the Quality School Dr. Glasser describes why teaching is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. He compares teachers to doctors.  Although doctors have a difficult job, their patients are cooperative. This is not always the case with a classroom of students. The doctor will no longer treat those patients who are not cooperative, whereas the teacher is still responsible for the learning of the uncooperative students.


Our organization, TESS, recognizes how hard the work is to be a good teacher.  With that in mind, our work with teachers is predicated on conditions we have adapted from Dr. Glasser to demonstrate our respect for the difficulty of the work and for the individuals doing the work:


  1. We must always be supportive.

  2. We must always respect the teachers’ time by only asking them to perform tasks that add value to their practice.

  3. We must ask everyone with whom we work to put forth sincere effort to allow us to give valid feedback.

  4. We must provide a system that allows individuals and their colleagues to more accurately evaluate their own work.

  5. We must demonstrate that the work they do with us will result in increases in student learning.


We strive to make these conditions manifest in every aspect of our work with schools.  Whether we are training, working collaboratively designing lessons, facilitating teacher reflections on classroom practices, or simply brainstorming.  Our job is help make everyone else’s job a little easier.  


I look forward to making your job a little easier too.


-Gene Tavernetti, Ed.D.

Founder of TESS Consulting Group



Teacher Comments

“I love using the FAST framework. It is the most powerful tool I have used in my career. Not every lesson pans out, but I have fixed them and the errors have been because I tried to do too many things in one lesson.”

— 3rd Grade Teacher


“The FAST model has enabled me to be much more rigorous and intentional about my lesson planning. For example, I try very hard to make sure my models are an exact replica of the concept/skill I'm trying to teach and which will be demonstrated in the Independent Practice.”

English Department Chair



Administrator Comments

“For the past 20 years it has been an honor and privilege to have Dr. Gene Tavernetti work with my teachers and provide them the skill to enhance their lesson design, lesson execution and to evaluate what was successful and what was not in their teaching. All my teachers at each school that worked with Dr. Tavernetti grew exponentially with their focused instruction and getting results. As a principal at the elementary, middle and high school levels, I was fortunate to have great success over the years with results in student achievement, and Dr. Tavernetti was instrumental in helping my teachers thrive. His tools are essential for all teachers and administrators at any level that want to improve their skills.”

James Hardin, Administator

“I refer to you (TESS consultants) as the efficiency experts. You make the complex achievable and that is so important as we implement Common Core.”

District Language Arts Coordinator

“My classroom observations have purpose now and my feedback is targeted. The teachers truly appreciate the feedback.”

— Elementary Principal


“Integrating Language Frames into the lesson allows access for our English Learners while increasing the rigor of the lesson.”

— K-8 Principal


“Your (TESS consultants) positive approach and in-depth knowledge allowed for very positive first impressions.   As I have shared with others, this is the best staff development I have experienced in my career for … teaching.  I look forward to trying to carry on the positive impact you have created.” 

— Elementary Principal


“Thank you (TESS consultants) for everything.  My teachers are comfortable around you, they are excited about the process, and, most importantly, they believe in the FAST lesson design model.  We feel that this coaching model will only result in higher student achievement in the future.”

— Middle School Principal

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