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Total Education Systems Support

Inflating the tires, not reinventing the wheel ®

We are educators focused on effective and efficient instruction.  We help teachers and administrators increase student motivation, learning, and achievement by helping teachers plan and deliver focused instruction so students can perform at their potential.

Because TESS is a success when your school or district is a success, our mission is as follows:


  • To support teachers and administrators in becoming more effective and efficient instructors and instructional leaders so that students can learn more, perform better, in a manner that is supported by research and nature. 


  • To simplify the process of teaching and learning allowing educators to focus on foundational skills.


  • To provide all services, i.e., training, coaching, consulting, in a manner that is respectful of all educational professionals' time and expertise. 


The tree map above show the four necessary literacies teachers must have in order to proficiently teach all content.


Below, you will see how training and coaching from TESS Consultants in Focused Instruction will support your district's  efforts. What's more, by working with us, you will be investing in systems for ongoing and ever-improving professional development at both the micro and macro levels

Assessment Literacy
Standards Knowledge

Educators understand:

  • Focused Instruction using the FAST framework

  • How context for application increases rigor and relevance

  • Developing application and extension activities that correlate to the learning target


In order to receive:

  • Feedback regarding application as it relates to the Focused Instruction target and classroom systems for application

Educators understand:

  • The shifts in ELA and Math

  • Evaluating current resources for utility relative to ELA and Math standards

  • The role of resource types and the advantages and limitations of each

  • Bringing new and seasoned resources together for Focused Instruction, application and assessment


In order to receive:

  • Feedback relating to systems for archiving process and work

Educators understand:

  • Model for developing assessments based on target standards

  • Understanding advantages and limitations of assessment types

  • Monitoring for a progression of rigor building towards end-of-year proficiency

  • Taking Focused Instruction and application to performance tasks


In order to receive:

  • Feedback relating to alignment from one grade-level to the next on target standard


Educators understand:

  • The organization of the standards documents for ELA, ELD and Math

  • The  Mathematical Practices and Progressions

  • The difference between Integrated and Designated ELD

  • Organizing standards as a precursor to pacing activity

  • Taking the standards to instruction with the FAST framework


In order to receive:

  • Targeted feedback about the  implementation of the FAST framework using CCSS

Instructional Coaching Support


Instructional coaches need love too. TESS Consultants know this as well as anyone. This is why TESS offers training and support that is tailored specifically to the role of instructional coaches.  



Does your professional group or organization need a keynote address? TESS offers keynote presentations on a range of topics, supported by a wealth of background knoweldge and experience.

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