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Total Education Systems Support

Inflating the tires, not reinventing the wheel ®

Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century


In keeping with our mission of simplifying, we believe the essences of today's education are:

Conceptual Understanding: The ability to know why and when.


Problem Solving: The ability to use the scientific method in various and new circumstances.


Communication Skills: The ability to explain application and concepts to others in both verbal and written forms.


Application: The ability to apply knowledge to various and new circumstances


Schools and districts thrive when they are clear about what needs to get done, who needs to do it, and how it should get done. Right now educators are being bombarded with professional development.


"The 29 Essentials for the Teaching"


"19 Steps to a Rigorous Lesson"


TESS believes that too many "essentials" mean nothing gets done. We strive to support your school or district to begin easily and efficiently implementing rigorous effective instruction in today's classrooms.


Quit planning. Start doing.

Isn’t that what we have always wanted from our educational system? 

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