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Lesson Objectives

TESS says that there should only be one lesson objective, but I am being told I also should have a language objective.  What should I do?



This is a great example of the importance of sharing a common vocabulary when discussing teaching.  What many are calling a language objective is a description of the manner in which students will use language during a lesson.  For example, a language objective for a math lesson might be, “Students will use complete sentencing while answering questions.”  This not an objective is the same sense that TESS defines a learning objective in the initial teaching of a skill and/or concept because the students have already been taught how to speak in complete sentences. 


Remember, learning is cumulative.  We always incorporate, and build upon, lessons we have previously taught.  TESS principals dictate, “Only one new learning objective at a time.”  That does not preclude you from practicing what students have previously learned in a new lesson.


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