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Teacher Comments
Administrator Comments

“I love using the FAST framework. It is the most powerful tool I have used in my career. Not every lesson pans out, but I have fixed them and the errors have been because I tried to do too many things in one lesson.”

— 3rd Grade Teacher


“The FAST model has enabled me to be much more rigorous and intentional about my lesson planning. For example, I try very hard to make sure my models are an exact replica of the concept/skill I'm trying to teach and which will be demonstrated in the Independent Practice.”

English Department Chair



“I refer to you (TESS consultants) as the efficiency experts. You make the complex achievable and that is so important as we implement Common Core”

District Language Arts Coordinator

“My classroom observations have purpose now and my feedback is targeted. The teachers truly appreciate the feedback.”

— Elementary Principal


“Integrating Language Frames into the lesson allows access for our English Learners while increasing the rigor of the lesson.”

— K-8 Principal


“Your (TESS consultants) positive approach and in-depth knowledge allowed for very positive first impressions.   As I have shared with others, this is the best staff development I have experienced in my career for … teaching.  I look forward to trying to carry on the positive impact you have created.” 

— Elementary Principal


“Thank you (TESS consultants) for everything.  My teachers are comfortable around you, they are excited about the process, and, most importantly, they believe in the FAST lesson design model.  We feel that this coaching model will only result in higher student achievement in the future.”

— Middle School Principal

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