Regional Workshops

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Close Reading
This workshop will provide all educators  insight into:



  • What close reading is, and what it is not.


  • An easy framework for planning using the new reading comprehension standards as a guide.


  • When and how to connect it to your Focused Instruction lesson.




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Special Education

This workshop will focus on Common Core instruction for mild to moderate classrooms:


  • Embed 21st Century skills into your lessons.


  • Teach your students to be meta-cognitive.


  • Slow down without watering down.


  • Use the science behind effective modeling



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English Language Development

This workshop for educators of EL students will demonstrate:


  • Opportunities for integrated ELD within the Focused Instruction lesson.


  • Opportunities for seamless cohesion between designated ELD using the same lesson design framework.


  • How concept maps scaffold authentic language application in writing and class discussions



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