Providing Teachers Feedback in the Art and Science of Instruction

Recently I watched a portion of an interview of Nanci Atwell, the teacher who won the Varkey Foundation’s $1 million prize as the Global Teacher of the Year. The teacher was asked what advice she would give young people who wanted to enter the teaching profession. The teacher said she would try to dissuade them from entering the profession. Her reasoning was that Common Core Standards and all the assessments and high stake testing was taking all the creativity and teacher j

Celebrate Your Journey

All schools, as well as all classrooms, are busy enterprises. There are the daily issues, the weekly schedules, the semester goals, and the yearly plan. Just as every teacher has the pressures of the curriculum, classroom management, reports, tests, grades and other issues, so the school has the pressures of staffing, personnel issues, student discipline, parent communication, budgets, and so forth. What often gets ignored in this tyranny of the immediate is the reflective